Facts To Consider About BetOnline Poker - Its Food For Thought!

Casino Information

  • Casino Name: Bet Motion
  • Software: Leander Games
  • Licence: Curacao
  • Bonus Value: $100
  • Bonus Percentage: 250%
  • No Deposit Bonus: $-
  • Currency : AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP, USD

BetOnline Poker is one of the most popular sites amongst US Poker players and ranks in the top 5, so whatever a player may try to glean in advance from various gaming review websites, always consider the facts, not always necessarily personal viewpoints.

What is exactly meant by that, 'personal viewpoints'? Well to clarify, let's say two Poker players both try BetOnline Poker for the very first time the exact same time as each other. They both need a little clarification over something that they are unsure of so they both go on the customer support chat.

Player A speaks to a wise head who has been with the company for about 5 years, Player B talks to someone who has just completed their training who is new and still getting to grips with their job.

Player A, closes their chat very satisfied and impressed with the way his enquiry was dealt with so professionally in such a short space of time.

Player B on the other hand is left hanging whilst his support person goes away to consult with their supervisor. Doubts are now cast in his mind, having to wait so long for his answers, and this unnerving experience is far from a good one!

What would the solution be, find another company to play Poker at? Even though player B is happy with the software and graphics and everything else, or ask to speak to someone else whom he feels may be able to help him better and make a note of their name?

Back to the facts BetOnline Poker are extremely well known for their sportsbook. This it is fair to say would certainly beef up the numbers that visit their website on a regular basis and why they are so highly ranked amongst US players.

Focusing on that point for a second, it would be a reasonable assumption that these gamblers as well as wagering on a myriad of different sports, including Football, Baseball and Basketball, MLS Soccer and European Soccer, drop into the casino too.

Since their primary purpose is one of using their sports acumen in winning money online, one has to say there would be more than a fair few not so sharp when it comes to having a Poker strategy in the Poker room. Perhaps a friendly BetOnline Poker player could extend a pleasant introduction?